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Essential Social Plan


Ensure your business gets the most from social media with our Essential Social plan.

Written by social media professionals, we’ll post to your Facebook, and Twitter/Linkedin feeds 7 days a week.

The campaign is designed to post relevant content to boost customer involvement.

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essential plus


Essential Plus Social Plan


Essential Plus increases the reach of your social media marketing by not only posting every day with handwritten content but also adds Facebook advertising to your marketing campaign.

Included is a budget of £40 worth of Facebook adverts for your business, aimed at your potential customers. Plus three posts to Instagram a week..

Monthly reporting is also included, so you are kept up to date.

Professional Social Plan


Our professional plan allows any business to develop a very active and progressive social media campaign to really drive new business.

We create two professional and unique content posts for Facebook and Linkedin or Twitter every day. Instagram gets a boost to 5 posts a week, Facebook advertising is included and gets more detailed with demographic profiling. Twitter gets its own market boost to push followers.

We don't stop there, we'll write a strong 500-word blog for your website.



professional pro

Professional Plus Social Plan


Professional Plus creates three unique posts daily, one for Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and Instagram, plus seven posts to Pinterest.

Your Facebook campaign gets boosted to a £70 monthly budget, your Twitter feed gets a boost each month and two 500 word premium blogs are included.

All the reporting, profiling and personal content are still included.

A Social Media campaign taken to the max!


Social Posting  


Posting to all your social platforms every day can take a lot of your time.

Social Posting enables you to post to all of your social platforms directly from your control panel. Scheduling, monitoring, messaging and more. You will manage your social media in minutes, not hours.

There are over 100,000 pre-built posts you can use, with a few simple clicks.

Did we mention we're way cheaper than Hootsuite?


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Tickety Boo Analytics shows you everything about your business at a glance, your website visits, social media metrics to all of your advertising.

It includes your website, SEO reports, Google marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few.

Now you will know what's working and what's not.

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