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How it all Started


In 2001, Tickety Boo found themselves struggling to find a marketing company to look after there Google marketing.  Working closely with Google, they quickly realised that having a website and getting found on the internet was becoming more of a necessity. And it was set to get even more critical.

Since then, Tickety Boo has developed software, websites and marketing automation to help small business and organisations.

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The Challenge


As the web developed, websites became cheaper, more powerful, and ultimately, self-build websites were born. However, despite all this wonderful new technology, the internet and all websites still used fossil fuels for power. 

When you consider, if the internet were a country, based on fossil fuel use, it would be the 7th largest country in the world! That’s a lot of CO2. When the scale of the problem became apparent, everyone at Tickety wanted to do more.



A Fresh Approach


In 2017 Tickety Boo started to develop a new approach to powering websites and software. The aim was to provide 100% Green Hosting on all the services that Tickety Boo offers.

In February 2018 Tickety Boo moved to a completely green hosting platform for its websites and those of its customers.  By the end of 2018, Tickety Boo had expanded their Green Hosting to include CRM software, email and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

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Wider Benefits


In 2018 Tickety Boo also started to develop a Green Website solution with even more comprehensive benefits.

A website builder that was quick and easy to create, looks fantastic, automates more than ever before, requires very IT knowledge to use and is very affordable. And yes, be powered by 100% green energy. 

No small task.




Something New


Tickety Boo Website now offers the complete website package that delivers all of its objectives. It has also provided a new FREE for life website option, which is now available to anyone who wants to take their first steps to own an environmentally friendly website.

Tickety Boo Website has a road map to continually add new themes and automation to help more people than ever have a  website and get the best from the internet, responsibility.



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