When Should you Post on Social Media? 


It’s all well and good conquering social media and determining what content works for your audience or potential audience; but do you know when you should post on social media to get the most out of your content?

We are here to help you and give you guidelines on when you should post on social media channels. This being said, you need to focus on creating your own strategy based on real data and performances. You must think about who your audience is and what they enjoy, which should become clear once you experiment and look at your performances. 


So let's get started!



Facebook has more than 1.4 billion daily active users, with 93% of all marketers using it on a regular basis.

Optimising your Facebook experience is all about posting the right content, at the best time and with the most effective imagery. Let’s talk about posting at the right time…

On average, the best time to post is between 1 pm and 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12pm - 1pm

In the week the best, highest performing times are around Wednesday at 3 pm and Thursday and Friday between 1 pm and 4 pm

Of course, all these times may or may not work for you. They’re the beginnings of knowing the best routes for your strategy and understanding what works best for you.



Twitter sees more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute and is seen as one of the most sociable platforms. Interactions are much easier on Twitter and the platform is said to have “one of the best chances to answer a question, comment or concern in real-time”. It’s very easy to keep track of any updates on Twitter and it’s easy to interact with audiences, new or old.

Some research says that these times are the best to post on Twitter…

Best time and day overall is Friday between 9am and 10am

Best times to post each day is between 10am and 12pm

People will turn to Twitter more than Facebook for updates on current events and just to scroll through for some entertainment. Twitter interactions don’t stop outside of working hours and so it could be beneficial to you to schedule posts outside of working hours.


Everyone's best posting time will be different, so you will need to experiment



Instagram is based around visuals. It’s a visual platform that relies heavily upon appealing imagery.

The biggest aspect to focus on Instagram is making sure your imagery fits in with your branding and is aesthetically pleasing; whether you have a certain theme or certain ranges of photos, whatever it may be, your strategy has to ensure your profile looks the part. 

But what about posting times for Instagram? Here are some of the best times to post! 

Best times are on Monday and Thursday at any time that isn’t between 3pm and 4pm (Thursday is the best day)

Best times to post between Tuesday and Friday are 9am to 6pm

Often times, users of Instagram will just scroll through looking for nice imagery. The images are the aspect that catches their attention, not the caption. It's also important to focus on timing and understanding when your audience is most active on Instagram.


Posting on social media is all an experiment. You must experiment and use data to determine what works best for you and what engages your audience the most. If you can determine the times your audience and/or target audience are most active, you can exploit this and use it to your advantage to gain higher engagement levels and responses. You won't know when you should post on social media until you've experimented! 

We discuss some more of the best and worst times to post over on our Marketing Hub article here. Our Marketing Hub is free with a Tickety Boo Ink subscription. 


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