What is a Content Strategy?


Put simply, a content strategy is a plan that “allows you, and your team, to clearly define the process and people needed to coordinate, create and distribute content”. It’s about providing the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Your content strategy is going to be your roadmap. It’s going to be the timeline that your team follow when creating valuable and useful content. A content strategy is what guides a team towards their end goals; it carves the way to the goal and makes a logical chain of content for your audience to follow along. Now you have a basic understanding of what a content strategy is, let's learn about why a content strategy is so important...


Mission specific content

When you produce a content strategy, you’re working cohesively with your mission and goals. You’re working towards producing a strategy full of content ideas that will assist you in progressing towards your goals, as well as content that aligns with your mission. The more your content aligns with your mission, the more it will align with your businesses values and message.


Your content strategy provides a roadmap for you to follow


High quality, customer-centric content

The content you include within your content strategy is also going to customer-centric; made with your target audience in mind. The whole purpose of the majority of content businesses create is to engage and entertain their target audience. This means that you will produce a content strategy that is full of strategic and effective content ideas that will attract and engage your target audience.



With a content strategy, your content can be consistent and continuous. You can complete a content strategy as far into the future as you want, but either way, it ensures that your content is completely planned out for a period of time and you can focus on actually creating the content rather than constantly having to come up with new ideas to move onto new content.


So, what is a content strategy? It’s a way of producing content ideas that are customer-centric as well as revolving around your mission, aligning with your values. Building a content strategy is the most effective way of producing the highest quality of content possible.



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