Types of Freelancing


Want to augment your income, leave your 9-5, and begin a work journey on your own? Freelancing is definitely for you. With the advent of technology, it has become easier to find work around the globe to be done anywhere you want. There are multiple industries where you can work as a freelancer. Here are the most popular types of freelancing gigs:


Content Writer


The demand for quality writers all over the world has skyrocketed as a result of the media boom and burgeoning of the digital world. If you are a creative type with a wild imagination, penchant for words, and knack for the liberal arts, this is the freelance field for you. There are many writing jobs you can apply for, which cover a wide range of content, like article writing, copywriting, blogging, video scripts, academic writing, and more. The options are endless, allowing your creative juices to flow.


Virtual Assistant


If you are an organised person who enjoys doing the admin work remotely, the virtual assistant job is knocking on your door. It covers numerous responsibilities like admin support, email handling, transcription, scheduling, research, project management, etc. You are basically an office assistant who has the luxury of doing the office work away from the office.


Web Developer or Programmer


In the age of technology, innovation happens at warp speed. Everything is going online, especially businesses. This calls for the extra manpower. Having expertise in the field of tech and web development is excellent because the need is strong. It is now commonplace for companies to have their own websites and apps to reach more people and better market their products. This makes being a freelance programmer an in-demand job. 


Graphic Designer


Wherever you look, there is always a design element. Graphic design will never go out of style. With technology taking the world by storm, organisations have shifted to the global platform called the internet. Consequently, companies need to find ways to effectively market their products in the digital world and thus need a graphic designer. This freelance work allows you to release your creative energy. There is so much you can do: logo making, ad designing, infographics, etc.




Many businesses are caught up in operations and have difficulty managing their books. As such, they outsource work to bookkeepers so they can concentrate on improving their products and engaging with clients. Bookkeeping is a great option for you if you are comfy with numbers. If you are knowledgeable on the topic of accounting and bookkeeping, coupled with a proficiency in using accounting software, this job will come easy to you. 


The Final Word


These are just a few popular examples of freelancing jobs. There are many others out there, such as becoming a digital marketer, SEO specialist, video editor, and more. If you have the talent, you can leverage it to find work online. To facilitate finding jobs, you may need to sign up with a freelancing platform. You can also work with a company like Tickety Boo that offers partnerships for website designers, even for those with no experience. Now is the perfect time to take on a side gig, or if you are feeling sure of yourself, this can even be your full-time job. 



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