Top Tips on Freelancing


For many individuals looking to start a second job to augment their income or want to leave their 9-5 jobs entirely and become their own boss, freelancing is the answer. This career allows individuals to balance their work and life better by giving them full control of their time. If you are thinking of jumping right into freelancing, here are the five crucial tips you need to remember:


Determine your value


The most vital thing to remember is that clients avail of your services, so do not be afraid to set your rates. If you know you provide quality service, you may aptly charge above the basic hourly rate. In setting your rate, don’t forget to include a percentage for your basic needs, expenses, self-employment tax, health care, retirement, and savings. 


Make an agreement, sign a contract


The work of a freelancer is subject to negotiation. To strengthen the parameters of projects, set deadlines, establish procedures for refunding, and lay down project cancellations, it is best to sign a contract. An informal agreement is fine for a small project. However, for huge accounts, it is better to have it printed on paper and notarised. Contracts protect the interest of both parties, ensuring your safety. It also assures that your business deals go on smoothly.


Secure a down payment


One common issue for the freelancers is not getting paid. It is difficult doing all the work alone and juggling numerous responsibilities to produce quality output. Your diligence must be met with proper compensation. Before getting started on any work for a client, make sure they have deposited a down payment. This ensures that you get your hard work’s worth.


Make a schedule and apply technology


It is a common misconception that freelancers can do whatever at any time. That’s not true. Freelancers still need to properly schedule and organise their days to maximise time and to get multiple projects done. Since you are working alone, keeping tabs of responsibilities may be difficult. Download apps for project management, distraction prevention, and invoice processing to allow you to make the most of your precious 24 hours. 


Do well in your field


Appealing to new clients becomes much easier when you’ve established a reputation in the field. Part of attracting new clients is how you present yourself and your work. Use networking apps and creating a personal page will allow you to make connections and reach more people.


The Final Word


It may take some effort to build your network, but you can achieve it with your hard work and persistence. If you want to speed things up, collaborating with the right group is essential. For example, Tickety Boo offers partnerships for website designers, even for those with no experience. Whether you’re freelancing for a side hustle or a full-time career, you will have fun in the process because you are following your passion and using your talents. 



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