Non-fiction Book Ideas


Not all aspiring authors want to publish a book that is full of imaginary people and worlds. Some aspiring authors want to talk factual, some may want to talk about a life event; whatever you want to talk about, you can do it!

Publishing a book is not a restrictive thing. It can be for anyone. Here are some non-fiction book ideas to help you get started... 



If you write about a hobby or something you love, you will feel extremely passionate about it. This passion will give you the motive to write your book.


Your life

Writing an autobiography can help you to understand yourself even more and share your stories with others. It will give an accurate representation of you and who you are.


Family history

If you write a book about your family history, you are guaranteed to never lose any significant memories. Writing a book about your family history will enable you to learn about your family.


Nonfiction books share your knowledge and expertise


Write about any trips made

Writing a book about any previous trips you have made can prove interesting and engaging for those wanting to travel. Your book could be the inspiration travellers need.


Write about something that’s happened to you

Everyone has significant life events. Writing a book about a significant life event allows you to write a truthful account and earn recognition as a sympathetic and relatable author.


Favourite songs/musicians

Everyone has a favourite musician or song that makes you feel something. It is always an option to write a book about your favourite musician and memories tied to the musician, or song/album, anything. 


Every author deserves an equal opportunity. Every aspiring author, no matter the writing style, genre, etc. deserves to write and publish the book they want to. If you're not overly creative or imaginative, consider our non-fiction book ideas and think about what could be suitable and relevant to you. 


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