Landing Pages for Businesses

Landing pages are simply defined as an “entry point” to a website, or, perhaps to a conversion. With Tickety Boo Business, you can design and optimise your very own landing pages. 

Landing pages for businesses help convert visitors into leads, they help people progress along the sales funnel, and so much more. The benefits of using landing pages are endless and they’re a brilliant way of giving information in a quick and simple way.


Use landing pages to convert more visitors


It’s important to use landing pages as part of your strategy, especially if you’re using paid advertising. Paid advertising is a great way of getting your content in front of a much wider audience, who will then hopefully take interest and click through to the page you’re linking to. This is where the specific, optimised landing page comes into play. The landing page needs to cooperate nicely and smoothly with the advertisement it was displayed on, and it needs to be educating as well as entertaining. It needs to give people the content they clicked on the advert for, and there needs to be places to take further action or interest to give people a chance to become a lead.

You can also segment your audience in terms of where they are in the sales funnel and use landing pages to your advantage in this aspect. For example, if someone is just learning about your business, your landing page needs to be optimised to telling them about your industry, what you do and so on. However, if someone has visited your website multiple times and has connected with you, target them with a landing page optimised around your service or product, that has an action to take their interest further by purchasing or signing up to something. 


Create landing pages for your business with Tickety Boo Business


Optimising your landing pages improves your overall performance and allows you to target people where they need targeting the most. They help you push people along the buyer’s journey and help you give the right information and content to the right people at the right time. Landing pages for businesses simply aim to increase conversions and engagement. 


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