How Long Should Your Book be?


You do not want your book to be too long nor too short. Your book needs to be just as long as it needs to be. The length of your book does not determine anything to do with quality or creativity, it's just a matter of keeping your audience interested with a book that is just the right length. 


You need a sensational book that is as long as it needs to be


The genre of your book can often determine the average amount of words you should write for your completed book. Along with this, your target audience will help shape your book and the length of it. So, how long should your book be?


Children's books

Children’s books will have a different length to a young adult book or a novella. Children’s picture books can have the biggest range in regards to what is an acceptable length. Depending on the age range, the number of words you deem necessary will change.

Some picture books for young children only have a few words per page; however, picture books for children as they begin to grow up will have more words. As long as your book is simple and easily understandable; the amount of words used does not matter too much.


School children

As mentioned, as long as your book is as good as it can be; the length does not matter too much. However, in order to keep children engaged your book should probably be ranging from 1,000-10,000 words. You want to keep everyone engaged and any book with a higher word count than this runs the risk of losing their interest. 

If your word count is higher than this, don’t worry too much!


Maturing students

When it comes to writing for mature students, the length of your book can change dramatically. This is dependant on the age of the students. An average length would be around 20,000-50,000. It is more than likely that, if you are writing for younger students, you will not reach the maximum word count.


Young adult books

A young adult book is aimed towards the more mature, older readers. This, therefore, means the minimum word count will be marginally higher than that for children and young students. The word count range would be averaging around 40,000-50,000. However, this barrier can be broken depending on the book you are writing.


How long your book should be is indicated by your target audience and your own creativity. You need to write as much as you feel you need to write, without waffling and without not saying enough. As an author, you're most probably going to know when your book is completed and if you've written enough. However, how long your book changes nothing when your book is high quality and full of talent. 


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