Get Started as a Freelancer


You’ve finally decided to join the world of freelancing. You’re in for an exciting adventure as this trending career path paves the for working with different people, taking varied projects, working anywhere, and being your own boss. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this will be a walk in the park. Freelancing is still a job, so you’ll need to have a plan and build your career with a strong foundation to ensure long-term success. Here’s what you need to get started:


Make an Honest Assessment


You need a certain mindset to excel in this career. Your bed and other distractions abound, so you must be self-motivated with a strong sense of discipline. Since you only get paid for the days you work, you need to be diligent in finding projects and saving money for the lean days. To be successful in this niche, build a steady routine to keep you productive. It would help if you also had a stable stream of clients. Hold off on quitting your job until you beef up your portfolio and establish a network. 


Choose a Platform 


Most freelancers sign up with freelancing platforms to secure their gigs. Though you can also find work in social media and even Craigslist, platforms are better because they offer a professional atmosphere where you can effortlessly connect with reputable companies. Platforms also offer protection for both parties to ensure everyone gets paid on time and services are rendered. 


Craft a Good Profile


You will need to prep a good CV for jobs that you will apply to via email. For freelancing platforms, you need a profile. Most have a template that you need to fill out with your appropriate education, skills, work experience, and other exemplary achievements. Be sure to keep this concise because busy recruiters are pressed for time. 


Build a Work Portfolio


To boost your credibility, you need a work portfolio of past jobs. This will effectively illustrate your skills and experience. If you are a writer, provide links to your articles or PDFs of your published works. In the same token, graphic designers need to show examples of their print ads, brochures, digital postcards, etc. For best results, add a reference list so your prospective clients can verify for themselves. 


Set a Price


Though you want to get work, don’t settle for peanuts. Giving massive discounts mean you are not properly compensated for your hard work and talents. On top of that, setting this kind of standard will devalue the niche. Some clients may also end up questioning your work quality. It is better to set a fair price. Remember, this will cover your monthly expenses, so don’t sell yourself short. 


The Final Word 


Launching your new freelance business will take a lot of time and effort. To help you jump start this venture, you need to collaborate with the right platform. For example, Tickety Boo offers partnerships for website designers, even for those with no experience. So take the plunge at freelancing! Keep in mind that when you follow your passion, you will never have to work a day in your life.



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