Fiction Book Ideas


To write a fiction book takes ingenuity and innovative thinking. It's a mixture of bravery and individualistic thinking. Sometimes, this mixture does not come naturally or straight away. Being creative and unique takes time, it takes a lot of crafting and thinking before you can even begin to shape your creativity into a plot. 

Trying to create something new is never easy. That's why we listed some fiction book ideas that will hopefully help you get started, or help fuel the fire for your imagination and get the cogs turning! 


A hiker, a map with a part missing, extreme weather

Hint: First off, think about what extreme the weather would be. Would it be a hurricane or a drought? If you choose extreme weather first, you can decide what situation the hiker is in and what trouble they’re in.


A missing dog, a dug-up grave, a stolen watch

Hint: Think of the solution first. Think of why the watch has been stolen, why the dog is missing and why the grave has been dug up. If you determine all the solutions first, the rest of the plot should come easily.


An annoyed neighbour, a Halloween costume, a holiday

Hint: Think of the holiday destination, and the reason for the holiday. Either that or think of what has annoyed the neighbour and what relevance the Halloween costume has within the story.


A love song, an airport, a baby

Hint: Think of the story behind the love song, and whether the baby is related to the song. Think about why the airport is involved in the story and how significant it is. Is the airport used as an escape?


A worried parent, a missing purse, a crashed car

Hint: Order each one insignificance. Is the crashed car the main worry? Is the parent the main worry? Choose which is the main worry to the main character and which has the most significant within the story.


A fiction book is built on creativity and imagination


A birthday cake, a match, a treehouse

Hint: Think if the match has a significant impact on the treehouse or the birthday cake. Match up one part to another. Is it a simple birthday party? Does anything go wrong?


A deadly disease, a missing group of friends, a knife

Hint: Is the deadly disease a frightening aspect in this story? Is the knife more frightening? Where have the friends gone missing? Think of the back story behind the group of friends going missing, and how significant the others are in regards to this event.


Never-ending laughter, a happy couple, a bitter woman

Hint: Think about why the woman is bitter. Find reasons for the happiness of the happy couple. Explain their never-ending laughter and why it is never-ending, and what significance this has.


A doll, a broken lamp, a chilling wind

Hint: Is the wind simply because of the time of year? Is the wind significant? How has the lamp broken? Explain each of them and why they should have significance within your story.


These fiction book ideas will all be interpreted in various ways and will help you craft a unique plot. They may also just help your brain make connections for potential plots and help the imagination really kick in. 


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