Could You Be a Freelancer?


Does working from home, owning your time, being a boss, using your talents, and dealing with passion projects sound appealing? Then you could be well on your way to becoming a freelancer. Thanks to the internet, you can bridge time and distance, so the whole world is your job market. Small and large companies around the globe rely on freelancers to save on labour costs.


Whether you are thinking of foraying into this as a side hustle or making if a full-fledged career, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools so you can get paid the best rates and secure the right projects. Before you say goodbye to your full-time job, here are crucial things you need to consider in this career path. 


Spend Time and Work Hard


It will take a lot of hard work and time to succeed in your chosen niche. You will need to market yourself, so clients know you exist. Whether you’re a graphic designer, content writer, or virtual assistant, you can’t expect money to pour in when you begin. You need time to build your client network and work portfolio. 


Prepare to Learn New Skills


Since this is a new business, you may need to learn skills. Though you are good at the creative component, you will need to refresh your business operations knowledge. You need to balance books, track invoices, double-check receivables, and file taxes. If you are not skilled in financial planning and managing numbers, you may end up losing out.


Accept that Competition is Fierce


Everybody aspires to experience the benefits of freelancing; thus, you need to accept that there is competition. Some of them may even offer lower rates. However, don’t be disheartened because there are many work opportunities. There are hundreds of postings listed daily on numerous freelancing platforms. There are plenty of job offers to go around, and if you know how to market yourself right, you will get the job. 


Get Ready to Multitask


Being your own boss means you get to set the rules. However, since you are a one-person show, you’ll need to handle stress coming from multiple projects. You must learn how to multitask, plan your schedule, and manage your time to meet all your client deadlines. This needs a lot of discipline because your bed will be a huge temptation. 


Set Up a Safety Net


To avoid undue pressure when you start, prep your defences by saving several months of living expenses. Freelancing can be cyclical: there are days with too much work, and there are periods wherein no one is hiring. Having backup funds, along with a long list of clients, will help ease your worries.


The Final Word


It will take time to get your first gig, but don’t be discouraged. All it takes is signing up with the right platform. To illustrate, Tickety Boo offers partnerships for website designers, even those with no experience. Now, once you get the ball rolling, you will land a steady stream of clients.



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